Speckled Sussex Bantams
The Speckled Sussex that we started out with (Freckles & Dottie) were purchased from Rob Mongold .Lilly & Trigger were purchased from Gary Overton. We also have added a few new birds in our Flock from Rohr Keith of Virginia...
We Have just become Master Breeders in Speckled Sussex and we would like to thank these people for their help as they  share a part of the success we have achieved with our Sussex so far.
They have a Beautiful little Family!
Even dad is helping out!
**  "Sprinkles" **                2000 Pullet
Dutchess County Poultry Fanciers   Show June 2001
**Champion SCCL**
Trigger,Cookie & Babies
**" 2000 Cockerel**
"Chips" Parents are Freckles & Dottie
Party's Parents are Freckles & Dottie
Dutchess County Poultry Fanciers Show
June 2000
**Reserve Champion SCCL**
**2001 Cockerel**
**Reserve Champion Bantam**
York County Poultry Assoc

***Reserve SCCL**
Little Rhody Show

**Reserve SCCL**
Sussex County Poultry Show

**Super Grand Champion **            Garden State Poultry Fanciers 
                         October 2005
Speckled Sussex are great layers. They have wonderful dispositions and get along wonderful with all our birds here.
    **Champion Bantam **
Sussex County Poultry Fanciers
                         October 2006
    **Reserve Champion Bantam **
                     Boston Poultry Expo
                        Fall 2008
    **Reserve Champion Bantam **
             Little Rhody Poultry Fanciers
    Spring  2009
Pic coming soon
Pic coming soon
    ** Champion Bantam **
             Ohio National Poultry Breeders
** Super Grand Champion  **
Boston Poulty Expo
** Super Grand Champion**
New England Bantam Club